Frequently asked questions

Q: What should I bring with me?

side from the gear you need to ski or ride with we suggest bringing some of the following items to make your trip more enjoyable.
• Personal media device
• Sleeping mask for the morning commute
• A change of clothes. It is great to be dry on the way home
• Your favorite adult beverage. Drinking is allowed on the bus for people over the age of 21
• Morning snack. We do not stop on the way to the resort. We do provide snacks in the afternoon.
• A DVD you way want to watch. We may play it if the group agrees
• A small travel pillow for snoozing on the ride up and back

Q: What if it is snowing?

As we all know Tahoe gets some of the deepest snowpack in the country. The buses are equipped with chains for adverse conditions. Roads do sometimes close for a bit for snow safety. If the roads are open and the resorts are operating, we will get you there.
Cancellation Policy

Q: What time does the bus leave the resort?

Please meet back at the bus between 3:45PM and 4:15 PM so we may depart the resort promptly at 4:30 PM. Please be aware of how long it takes to return from the lifts to the bus.

Q: What time will we get back to the Bay Area?

Weather permitting and based on all riders cooperation to meet back at the bus at the scheduled time the bus should be at the first drop off location by 8:30 PM.

Q: Will we stop for dinner?

Most trips we offer an end of day BBQ or cookout. This allows us to go non-stop on the way home. In the event that we can't offer food at the end of the day, the bus will stop on the way home. The leader will take a vote on which type of food to stop for.

Q: What time will we get to the resort?

Weather permitting we typically have the bus parked at the resort with our local reps distributing lift tickets by 9:30 AM.

Q: Can we purchase lessons and rentals?

Yes, reserve these online or over the phone. Prices for add-ons are listed on bus reservation page.

Q: Can we leave personal property on the bus?

Yes you can leave items on the bus. The driver stays with the bus all day or locks the bus if he leaves. There are also lockers at all the ski resorts.

Q: Where do we put our ski and snowboard equipment?

These motorcoaches have huge cargo storage bins underneath the bus for all equipment. Smaller items can be kept inside the bus in your overhead storage.

Q: Is there a bathroom on the bus?

Yes, the motorcoaches have bathrooms on board.

Q: Is alcohol allowed on the bus?

Drinking is allowed on the bus for all passengers over the age of 21.